Hello (cruel) world (of warcraft 4)!

First of all, I’m not asking you to believe any of this. I’m not going to give any proof about this for obvious reasons. Believe what you want, but if you really dislike this, voice your opinion. Even if it’s fake, well, you’ll make sure they don’t make this crap of a game.

“Oh, look, he’s the cool guy that acts as if we shouldn’t care so we care”


If you are reading this, well, I guess you have some sort of interest, so here it goes. This is a concept, and concepts can change, and that’s why it’s important.

First of all, WarCraft 4 won’t be a “4”, it’s going to be a new franchise, but it will be a RTS. The main “problem” right now is that they don’t want a division around the eSports scene, so the WarCraft 3 approach isn’t valid, because it’s too similar to StarCraft 2. The company wants to make all their new generation franchises live for a long while, and genre overlap would make it difficult.

The gameplay is kind of “original”, I repeat it’s a concept and there’s isn’t a single line of code programmed out there (engine and art already have some). The main objective was to make the battles really epic, with huge numbers, and this became the core of the new concept.

Instead of single units, you have some sort of “regiments”. Units can still go alone, but squads are the way to go. Most units are summoned in groups of 4-2, then you can split and edit those groups, and make regiments of different units that support each other.

Another big difference is that you don’t select the enemy you want to attack, except with heroes, but I’ll elaborate on them later. Your regiments/squads/groups have a set of orders. This is supposed to give the feeling of you being a commander shouting orders to your troops. The orders are supposed to be very objective, like “attack ranged”, “push from center and surround the nearest flank”. There’s a lot of them, and you’ll need to learn them and use the shortcuts if you really want to be efficient. You can research new ones, too. When outside of danger, regiments act and move normally, like any other common sense RTS.

Heroes don’t change from the original, and they can join regiments, which gives them better control. If regiments are “troops you give orders to”, heroes and regiments with heroes are “troops you’re controlling”, like if you were the heroes and your orders were direct.

Buildings, thanks god, stay the same. When I started to read about the project, I thought they were ripping off Dawn of War 2, but they weren’t. Instead, they seem to be ripping off Battle Realms, an old game that, personally, I think is shit. I don’t understand why they love it so much, it’s awful.

What they’re copying from BR is the “civillian” resource. Yes, to train troops you need civillians. What the fuck, man. What’s next, having to carry food with your troops and let them sleep and rest? I thought this was WARcraft, not SIMScraft. Seriously. If squads weren’t shitty enough to control, now they’re shitty to create, too.

As for the defensive structures, there will be ramparts, towers and typical siege weapons, that work as regiments, too, but can merge with the ramparts for special bonuses. Normal infantry can merge with them, too. Their control is pretty much the same thing, with sets of orders. The fun part about this is that you actually need to patrol, your troops are so dumb they won’t attack the enemy, even if it’s in front of them, if you don’t tell them to. Back to WarCraft 1 and the 90’s.

I’m not sure, it may be a success, the new videogame of the decade, but being a “forced” change of gameplay, I don’t think so. WarCraft 3 was awesome, it’s my goddamn favorite game EVER. This isn’t WarCraft, this is some sort of Frankenstein made of parts from a silly oriental game, Total War series and the Sims. And yes, if it doesn’t look like that across what you’ve already read, I do hate it.

Well, the gameplay is awful, but still, the best thing about WarCraft games is their awesome story. Wait for it. Jaina? Thrall? Heroes everyone loves and knows?


Instead we travel to some sort of prehistoric age no one ever heard from before (I checked wowpedia, and facepalmed). This age is supposed to be introduced with the 4th WoW expansion (explaining later) and a tie-in trilogy wrote by a Warhammer guy; yeah, let’s get an author that works for the most consistent lore ever! although I don’t think he’ll make worse than what we have now, WarCraft novels’ decadence started with War of the Ancients saga, and hasn’t recovered since then. Ironically, that saga was about the past, too.

As a die-hard Star Wars fan, I cried with the prequel trilogy. If you’re not a hardcore fan, I don’t expect you to understand it. This trilogy, because WarCraft “4” will be a trilogy (yay for greed over quality), is just like that. There’s even a footnote saying “the story will be an awesome prequel, like Star Wars”. Imagine my face.

It’s supposed to happen in an age without elves, long before The Sundering (for you ignorants, the world of WarCraft was once a single continent, but the silly elves blew it up and now we have this place), with a huge war going on. The world has 2 superpowers: the humanoid-insect kingdom (Arab-Hindu-Egyptian-Buddhist-Indonesia) and the troll empire (Aztec-Japanesse-Maya-Inca-Voodoo). They’re supposed to mirror typical orc vs human setting. There was peace between them, but then, the Old Gods, monsters  chained in the depths of the world (the same from WoW) managed to  manipulate the dragons, warders of balance, and they reached these mortal  races, whispering paranoias and making them distrust each other, until everything exploded.

Of course, mortal races have no idea about the existence of the Old Gods, whose real goal is to incapacitate everyone so they can escape their prison and rule the world unopposed.

Trolls and insects are the main factions, but together with them, there’s other minor races, that have joined one of the sides. We’re speaking of a complete world war here, with no neutral factions at all. In the insects’ side, we have tauren (mesopotamic-style and farmers instead of hunters), goblins (savage Africa-style crazy hordes that revere a volcano) and a new race of humanoid-cat-people that ride tigers with a deep oriental feeling (how original). In the trolls’ side, we have furbolgs (wood machines technology thing with mines), half-giants (I guess they’re the vrykul of WoW, it says they don’t change their theme) and tall-lizard-fish-people (cities over lakes and floating gardens, they have murloc labor).

Summarized: a completelly different universe. The few races that aren’t new are so drastically changed you wouldn’t recognize them anymore. I’m wondering why the hell they didn’t make this another new franchise or something, instead of forcing this shit all over WarCraft fans. The only good thing about it is the lack of elves, lol.

Some lines ago, I told you this game was supposed to be introduced with a WoW expansion. So, yeah, apparently this game is mostly a cheap excuse for new WoW bosses, races and background. I’m not well informed about it, but it seems that in the 4th expansion, we’ll fight the same Old Gods from “WC4”, each one having its own “element”, like death and entropy. One of the zones will be a “collage” of past events and locations, and they will focus around “WC4” storyline and how “the races must unite to fight evil instead of fighting each other”. Yeah, cheesy as it gets. Some of this lore may get hinted at the WoW-1 movie, too, but I have no idea about what’s going on with that project so I can’t tell for sure.

So, well, it seems that’s all. What a long wall of text it’s been. This crap is what you get, but, know what’s worse of this? that you, bunch of fangirls, are going to buy it. It isn’t the companies those that are destroying this industry, it’s you, imbecile clients that buy crap and smile like idiots “OH LOOK MW2 IS THE AWESOMEST GAME EVER”. That’s bullshit, and you’ll only get more bullshit in exchange for it.

The companies are changing, and if you don’t start to react it will get worse, much more worse. The internal shitstorm with Real ID was only the tip of the iceberg, and blaming it to Activision won’t fix it. No one said a word, but there was a lot going on, and there’s still a lot going on, with forced delays and stupid little by little release schedules. But of course, you’ll get your shinny beta for Diablo 3 and you won’t care anymore (if they don’t delay it again, it should be released this very month, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep delaying it even more).

Now that’s all. If you are disgusted with this as much as I am, raise your voice, and you may get a real WarCraft 4, instead of this trashy wannabe RTS videogame complete with its own terrible Disney storyline.

End of transmission.

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